Building a better world through advocacy, research, and best practices.


Supporting innovative afterschool and summer learning policy.

MAP supports policy and regulatory changes that support afterschool and summer programs and help kids of all background succeed. You can take action on our ongoing advocacy campaign by contacting your local elected representative and tell them you support high afterschool programs!

Ed's Not Dead Interview with Ardith Wieworka

Ed's Not Dead is a podcast exploring the many complicated topics of education. They interviewed MAP CEO Ardith Wieworka for her take on afterschool and summer learning. Click the image to hear the recording (interview starts at 26:50).

The Power of Afterschool

Afterschool and summer learning are proven to help kids with academics, social and emotional learning, health and wellness and college and career readiness. 

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Our Mission

MAP is dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth across Massachusetts by increasing access to high quality afterschool and summer learning programs.

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Professional Development Opportunities

Click here to learn about what trianings are happening around the state of Massachusetts. MAP also offers coaching and learning communities for afterschool and summer providers. . 

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Promoting STEM Curriculum

Informal STEM learning offers students a unique experience that maintains their interests and makes them more likely to stay in a STEM field in college. Click here to see the research.

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Find an Afterschool Program

Interested in finding an afterschool program near you? Use our interactive mapping database to find programs around the state. All information used in this map is public information and reflects different funding sources such as 21st CCLC, ASOST-Q, and licensing requests. If you have any questions, contact the MAP staff for help.


Annual Report

Making a Difference.

MAP is the only statewide organization dedicated to ensuring all children and youth have access to high quality afterschool programming. In FY2017, MAP was able to develop and strengthen our relationship building and development with essential foundations that allow us to do our work. Advocacy, professional development and technical assistance, communications, policy change, and systems change. The last fiscal year saw an increase in organizational capacity and a budget that allowed us to do more across all initia-tives.

Photo by nata_zhekova/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by nata_zhekova/iStock / Getty Images