Afterschool: Where to Begin

Starting an afterschool program is not easy. There are numerous variables to consider including the community the program will operate in, the ages of the kids targeted, etc. MAP gets a lot of inquiries about ways to start an afterschool program. While our organization cannot give specific advice due to the many variables, we can provide some general advice on what to do. Much of this information is from our partners at the Afterschool Alliance and brings together resources from the national level as well as examples from other states.

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A general guide to afterschool programs.

General Guide

This report details what steps are necessary to start an afterschool program including your mission, funding goals, and other critical information.

Resource for rural programming.


Massachusetts is not as rural as many other states but there is still a lack of programming outside of the major metro areas. This guide gives a good overview of ways to build afterschool systems in areas with out a lot of other existing resources.

Resource for Schools


This document provides resources for schools who want to expand afterschool activities. It gives a rundown of the ways afterschool programs can help accomplish school goals and how to build them into the program.