Professional Development

MAP provides comprehensive professional development and coaching services to afterschool programs across Massachusetts. For over 10 years we have offered trainings in informal STEM, social and emotional learning, school partnerships, and many more subject areas. A bulk of MAP's trainings are done through the EPS grants in regions 5 and 6. MAP also provides free professional development opportunities for ASOST-Q grantees. 

If you are interested in trainings hosted by MAP, check out our newsletter for the most up-to-date list of classes in your area. 

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Lisa is the Director of Professional Development and has led training sessions in Creating Effective Communications and Partnerships with Schools, and Planning Programs for School-Age Children using the Environment Rating Scale (SACERS) and the Arnett Caregiver Interaction Scale.  She has over 20 years of varied experience in the field of education.  She currently is Adjunct Faculty at Lesley University facilitating seminars and supervising students seeking initial licensure in early childhood education.

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Upcoming PD Opportunities


Professional Learning Communities

have taken on many definitions. Just as the title dictates it’s a community of professionals coming together to learn from each other.  These PLCs meetings are designed so you learn and share with your peers, guided by a facilitator with over 30 years of experience in the field of education. Successful PLC’s will include robust discussion and debate with colleagues about best practices, new ideas, innovative approaches, and day to day resources. The focus will be on how to create developmentally appropriate curriculum for out of school time programs.  Participants will learn fun, engaging and hands-on lessons for the ASOST setting.  Each participant will create and take away a resource binder of curriculum ideas. The PLC will be 2 hours in length and attendance at all the sessions is encouraged.  

First PLC November 15, 2018  in Art Curriculum from 10am to NOON at the Boys and Girls Club in Stoneham MA


Professional Development and Networking Day: Creating Effective Communications and Partnerships with Schools ASOST training day

April 2019

Description: Strong partnerships and effective, reciprocal communication between schools and ASOST programs are essential to increasing quality in ASOST programs and improving outcomes for students. This professional development and networking day will be a one-day conference that convenes educators program administrators from ASOST grantees, along with school representatives and other field leaders to discuss the importance of, and strategies for, strengthening partnerships and coordination between schools and afterschool programs.  The day will feature speakers who can speak compellingly on the importance of strong school-afterschool partnerships such as high-level city and state executives, research authorities, and other leaders in the field with whom MAP has fostered connections.  The day will also entail an in-depth and interactive training led by MAP trainers in which participants will reflect on their current practices and examine approaches that will help them more meaningfully and intentionally engage with schools, improve communications, and form mutually beneficial partnerships.  Attendees will also have an opportunity to connect with other programs and learn about how they engage in this work. Finally, in additional to the guided networking and knowledge-sharing that takes place during the training session, informal networking opportunities will also be built into the day.  Attendees are eligible to receive CEUs. MAP will also invite a speaker from the yearly Mass School Administrators Association (MSAA) conference to speak to afterschool providers at our PD and Networking Day. This will give providers even more context when establishing partnerships with school districts.

Curriculum Design in Afterschool and OST Programming (On-line)

This training will focus on how to develop developmentally appropriate curriculum for after school and out of school time programs. Participants will learn what makes up ASOST curriculum while developing fun, engaging, hands-on informal lessons for ASOST settings. The training will use planning materials to promote curriculum design through observation and interest-based planning techniques. The curricula framework developed by participants will offer lessons and activities that support and enhance the MA State Curriculum Standards.   November 26th to November December 6th. 

This is a self-paced course through CANVAS.


Hands-On STEM: Connecting Curriculum Frameworks to Interactive Lessons for OST (Face to Face)

This training will focus on linking the 2016 Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Standards to OST programming. Providers will gain a greater understanding of the Frameworks by participating in fun, engaging, hands-on ST/E lessons that can be implemented at their sites.  The training will also provide curriculum-planning tools to promote the learning and teaching of elementary science, engineering and technology.   Spring 2019


Understanding and Supporting English Language Learners in Afterschool Programs (Face to Face)

This training will support the OST professional in reaching out to and serving a diverse population of out-of-school time students. Participants will explore the challenges and the many rewards of working with ELLs in afterschool and out-of-school time settings and learn practical tips and ideas that staff can use at their programs.  March  2019