What is the NAA?

The National Afterschool Association is  the voice of the out-of-school time profession; for all of you who work with and on behalf of children and youth during out of school time. This membership association supports professionals who work with children and youth in diverse school and community-based settings, providing a wide variety of extended learning opportunities and care during out-of-school hours.

Together, with state and national organizations, NAA is building the capacity of the field and the knowledge and competency of the out-of-school time community – youth who attend the programs, entry and developing staff who work directly with young people, and leaders at all levels who play a variety of key roles.

MAP and the NAA

In December of 2018, MAP became the statewide affiliate for the NAA.  The mission of the NAA is to foster development, provide education, and encourage advocacy for the out-of-school-time community. This mission fits perfectly with MAP, which provides high quality professional development and policy enhancement for the afterschool field. NAA is working to assure that the vision of high-quality learning experiences for all children and youth, both in and out of school, becomes a reality through the application of the NAA core competencies in afterschool programs.




The NAA offers several levels of membership based on the needs of afterschool programs. The fist level is free to all of MAP's members. You are a member by simply signing on to our newsletter and are eligible for many of their resources.

You can also check out their paid membership packages here

Additional Resources

The NAA has many resources based on topic area. 

Currently, the NAA has released a series of briefs around quality, from Why Quality Matters to Promoting Professionalism. Read more at