Quality Enhancements in Afterschool and Out-of-School Time Grant


Since 2012, the ASOST-Q grant has provided funds to ensure children and youth receive quality afterschool and summer programming. When first created in 2001, the funding allowed for new programs in the Commonwealth. In 2009, the line item was funded at $5.5 million. The State’s investment of $5.5 million continued to provide funding for new programs as well as opportunity to provide quality enhancement grants to existing programs.


Breakdown of ages served by ASOST-Q

10,600 students served each year.

1,030 educators served each year.

80% awards to CBOs

Approximate funding levels (millions) over the last several years.

ASOST grants can apply to a variety of after-school activities, including academic support, health and wellness programs, arts, and community service activities. Grant recipients can be school-based or community-based programs, and preference is given to applications developed collaboratively between schools and community-based programs.

ASOST is the ONLY dedicated afterschool and summer learning grant in Massachusetts and one of few around the country. MAP works to increase the funds available in the grant to improve quality but to also establish access grants for new programs around the state.