Governor Baker Releases FY2018 Budget

Governor Baker Releases FY2018 Budget

Yesterday, Governor Charlie Baker started the year’s budget cycle with the release of the FY2018 budget. The $40.5 billion budget represents a 4.3 percent bump in state spending but falls short of the funding necessary to bring afterschool and summer learning up to demand.

The Afterschool and Out-of-School Time Quality Grant (7061-9611) was consolidated with the Extended Learning Time grant (7061-9412) and various other literacy grants. With the consolidation comes the elimination of several key aspects of the ASOST-Q grant including comprehensive professional and curriculum development. The consolidation also removes the quality component, leaving current grantees in a bind. For almost a decade, the ASOST-Q grant has provided afterschool and summer programs the means to dramatically increase quality while having access to professional development and well-researched curriculum.

The Early Education Rate Reserve (3000-1042) was funded at $7 million, short of the $12.5 million the it received in the FY17 budget. Increased rate reserve funds are crucial as Massachusetts afterschool and early education providers struggle to retain quality staff. Last year, the Put Mass Kids First coalition – a group of more than 40 advocacy and youth serving organizations – successfully petitioned the government for an increase in the reserve. The group cited decreases in state funding over a 10 year period due to inflation and stagnant wages – leading to a workforce crisis.

Below is a full list of line items and their budget amounts. Click the image to enhance.


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