Budget Breakdown

On Monday the House Ways and Means Committee released their FY2018 budget. Here is MAP’s complete analysis of the budget and how it impacts youth related line items.

The Afterschool and Out-of-School Time Quality Grant (ASOST-Q, line item 7061-9611) was reinstated and set at $1.499 million. In Governor Baker’s proposal, the ASOST-Q grant was incorporated, along with other extended time and literacy grants, into a larger grant that gave school districts flexibility in using those dollars. MAP testified before the Joint Committees on Education and Ways and Means that the ASOST-Q grant needed to be its own line item in order to better serve the interest of the afterschool and summer learning providers who use the grant to boost quality for their programs. While the House headed our calls for keeping the ASOST-Q line item separate, the grant was reduced from its final FY17 amount of $2.955 million.

Other youth line items saw changes as well. The EEC Provider Rate Reserve (line item 3000-1042)  – the line item that increases the reimbursement rate for licensed early education and school age afterschool programs – was give $15 million, a significant bump from the Governor’s proposal of $7 million and last year’s final budget amount of $12.5 million. The increase will come as there is growing pressure on the afterschool and early ed fields to retain highly qualified staff that are so important to high quality learning environments. The Governor’s proposed Targeted Assistance and Innovation grant was funded at $7.307. The grant targets schools that have been rated at level 3, 4, or 5 by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The line item no longer contains language for afterschool and summer learning but does allow districts to use outside experts to help district goals.

The overall spending on youth related line items that MAP follows every year is down overall. You can view all the line items below. To receive updates on the budget and ways you can children and youth sign up for our weekly newsletter using the tab to the right of this page.

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