From a survey MAP performed in 2014, we gathered 95 responses from afterschool programs across the state. Of these organizations, 63 were already offering OTS (Out of School Time) STEM programs, while 32 were not offering any STEM programs. Of the organizations that were not offering any STEM programs, 30 out of 32 mentioned that they would like to start or intend to offer STEM afterschool programs.


84% of the programs are offered year long programming, while 15% are offered only during the school year, and 1% is offered only during the summer.

The majority of afterschool programs target elementary school and middle school students, although some organizations also offer programs for high school and college students.



This information is designed to help MAP and its partners identify the the need of out of school time programs across Massachusetts. This data will assist policymakers and MAP identify gaps in programming, as well as areas of need for programs as well as families.